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STARRED Book Review: These Wicked Deeds

THESE WICKED DEEDS by Sophia Luxe is a wickedly sensual and tantalizing tale of danger, destruction, domination, and desire.

These Wicked Deeds

by Sophia Luxe

Genre: Romance / Billionaire

ISBN: 9798394839719

Print Length: 286 pages

Reviewed by Melissa Suggitt | 18+

A wickedly sensual and tantalizing tale of danger, destruction, domination, and desire

Are you ready to dive into a world where passion collides with danger? Where desire dances with the dark corners of the human psyche? If so, hold onto your handcuffs and take the leap into These Wicked Deeds by Sophia Luxe. 

Brace yourself for a wild ride as Luxe takes us through the underbelly of London, where crime and passion intertwine in a dark romance that leaves readers breathless and begging for more.

From the very first page, the stage is set for a wickedly delicious premise. We are introduced to Damien, Wes, and Nikolai, three men who are like brothers and kings of their criminal enterprise, as we enter a BDSM Club. Thrown immediately into a world of kink and control, readers are given just a small taste of what’s to come.

When they meet Isabella Castillo—a sexy, steely, fiery-eyed “fixer” who finds herself weaving a web of danger and desire—the past and present collide. What was supposed to be a simple and straightforward job has become infinitely more complicated when Nik, Damien, and Wes learn that the illustrious Isabella is, in fact, their dear sweet Sofia from childhood whom they thought dead. Oh these wicked games we play…

Can they keep things professional? Can she protect the men she’s loved her whole life—will they survive the job? And who will win her heart, and her bed, in the end?

Luxe’s writing prowess shines in her ability to craft realistic dialogue that crackles with tension and sparks with chemistry. The characters leap off the page with their vibrant personalities, their words dripping with equal parts menace and allure. Their banter sizzles with raw sexual tension and a delightful playfulness.

Peppered throughout the spice, the plot takes several twists, keeping readers on the edge of their seats, never quite sure which direction the narrative will take. Just when you think you’ve figured out the game, Luxe throws in a curveball that leaves you gasping, especially with that cliffhanger of an ending. As the first in what is clearly going to be a vibrant series, it sets the tone early on, mixing pain, pleasure, and promiscuity in the most tantalizing of combinations.

Of course, my review of These Wicked Deeds would not be complete without mentioning the steamy scenes that ignite the pages. Isabella, Wes, Damien, and Nikolai know precisely how to stoke the fires of desire, delivering passionate and vivid encounters that will leave readers fanning themselves and pondering their own limits. Be warned that while the author, and the characters themselves, handle all sexual encounters throughout the book with the utmost respect, these scenes are less vanilla and more Ghost Pepper in nature. 

This book effortlessly blends dark and dangerous themes with a believable love story, keeping things engaging and enjoyable. There’s an undeniable charm to the prose that makes you want to walk on the wild side yourself, even if just for a little while. This novel is a must-read for fans of the genre. Buckle up, hold on tight, and prepare yourself for a symphony of sadistic seduction.

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