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Book Review: The Red Rebel Extravaganza

THE RED REBEL EXTRAVAGANZA by Angela Kay is full of captivating details that transport readers to an enchanted circus of mayhem and mystery. Check out what Lindsay Crandall has to say in her book review of this indie fantasy novel.

The Red Rebel Extravaganza

by Angela Kay

Genre: Young Adult / Fantasy

ISBN: 9798218106386

Print Length: 384 pages

Reviewed by Lindsay Crandall

Full of captivating details, transporting readers to an enchanted circus of mayhem and mystery

What a spectacularly vivid world! Welcome to the empire of Aerimora and an enchanted circus where nothing is as it seems.

An invitation to The Red Game has arrived in the town square of Cape Solera, taking the form of  a miniature carousel on a pedestal of wrought iron.  

“Rock oxen and birds made of blooming florals joined the traditional horses and jewel-tone unicorns as they galloped in a circular pattern. A haunting melody serenaded their journey.”  

The Red Game, a competition that promises contestants the chance to gain their heart’s greatest desires, hasn’t been played for over a decade. The invitation unfurls at the end of the carousel’s journey and makes it clear that Cassian September, the Grand Master of extravaganza, is ready to play.

The Red Rebel Extravaganza follows Copper James, a reformed smuggler, and Raleigh Danger, a supernatural detective, through the challenges of The Red Game.  As participants of The Red Game begin to disappear, it becomes clear that something nefarious is happening behind the scenes. The Grand Master also hasn’t been seen since the games were announced, leaving participants and spectators to question if any of the players will survive long enough to win.

The plot of The Red Rebel Extravaganza is full of twists and is split into several distinct parts and acts, often depicting certain events of the gameplay. Kay’s characters are well-developed and likable with unique personalities. The chemistry between Copper and Raleigh is palpable and adds depth to Copper, a character who is almost frustratingly stubborn at times. Aloysius, an adorable chipmoth who is inexplicably bonded to Raleigh, is a true highlight.

Kay’s style is descriptive and adds much charm and texture to the story. At points, the writing can get a bit bogged down by details, and some plot points can get lost and require some backtracking to understand it all. The pacing of the story is steady, even if the lead-up to The Red Game drags a bit. 

Once The Red Game begins, the book is hard to put down. I read the second half in a single sitting. It looks like it is expected to be the first in a series, which is a relief to me. Kay has created a world in which the possibilities are quite literally endless, so I can’t see where it will go from here. 

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