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STARRED Book Review: The Baron’s Ghost

Pirates, spires, treason—The Baron's Ghost by Kyro Dean is an escapade to remember. Check out why Elizabeth Zender calls this indie sci-fi thriller one of the best books she's read this year.

The Baron’s Ghost

by Kyro Dean

Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy / Thriller

ISBN: 9781957475134

Print Length: 244 pages

Reviewed by Elizabeth Zender

Pirates, spires, treason—The Baron’s Ghost is an escapade to remember.

Christina Rushing has had her fair share of adventure, and that was before she became a spy. Forced to marry a horrible baron and left with nothing upon his death, she finds herself taking on deadly missions to make ends meet.

When her latest mission provides evidence that her late husband might not be dead after all, Christie is set on a far different path—and is there really a big difference between espionage and piracy anyway?

Teamed up with Charlie Blackwell, an old flame, and Philip Sheffield, a seemingly indifferent member of the gentry, Christie sets out to keep a war from breaking out and herself from being condemned a traitor in the process.

By page three of this novel, I was hooked. Christina is tasked with stealing a shipping schedule and getting in and out without being noticed; her employer even suggests that she do whatever is necessary to get it. But Christina prefers her method, saying, “killing was a thing that darkened the soul, and [Christina’s] was dark enough.”

The characterization is impeccable. I couldn’t help but fall in love with their snark and passion. The mystery is satisfying and successful too, filled with plenty of little twists and turns. And if pirates, spies, and adventures aren’t enough, the Victorian and steampunk vibes are there to help this book overflow with things to enjoy.

For all you romantics out there, Dean includes a bit of a love triangle with Christina caught in the middle. Christina’s desire for independence after a checkered past and her inherent need for a sense of security is something that resonates and adds greatly to the romantic payoff.

This is a strong candidate for one of the best books I’ve read this year. I couldn’t recommend it enough. It’s also the first in a series, so I’m left with much anticipation and excitement heading into book two.

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