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Book Review: The Song of the Fae

THE SONG OF THE FAE by E.H. Jahr is a sizzling love story with a shocking secret. Check out what Lisa Parker Hayreh has to say in her book review of this indie fantasy romance.

The Song of the Fae

by E.H. Jahr

Genre: Fantasy / Romance

ISBN: 9798987523711

Print Length: 278 pages

Reviewed by Lisa Parker Hayreh, PhD

A sizzling love story with a shocking secret

Kiera is compelled to heal others with her magic despite the threat of punishment if she is discovered. Only the fae may safely possess magic in their lands. But as hard as she tries to escape detection, her magical gifts attract the attention of the young fae prince Dorian. 

Instead of punishing Kiera for healing a farmer’s wife, he offers her the chance to hone her magic under his tutelage at his palace in the land of the fae. Kiera is instantly attracted to Dorian despite being suspicious of his motives. Kiera must decide whether or not she can trust Dorian as she embarks on a journey to discover the true potential of her own magic.  

“It was his eyes, though, that enraptured Kiera. They were like a deep ocean, both inviting and intimidating—so deep they were almost black. Kiera’s breath hitched in her chest, as if icy water had filled her lungs. She couldn’t help but move toward him, drawn forward by his eyes.” 

Kiera soon discovers that she is capable of powerful magic and that Dorian is racing to vanquish infestations of dark magic polluting both fae and human lands. In spite of all she has been told about not trusting the fae, she finds herself irresistibly drawn to Dorian. 

As Dorian and Kiera work to strengthen her magical capabilities, their attraction deepens and evolves. Kiera soon discovers that Dorian is harboring secrets that threaten to upend her world. She also discovers that some of her friends and foes are not necessarily who they seem, so she must determine the truth and choose her allegiances to claim the full force of her magic and save her world from the throes of dark magic.

With sizzling sex scenes, a compelling romance, and vivid fantasy elements, E. H. Jahr delivers a delightful debut novel. Strong, outspoken, and intelligent, Kiera is an engaging heroine with an irresistible passion to heal and protect others. In spite of her efforts to blend into everyday life in Cresea, Kiera is propelled into a suspenseful mystery as she encounters the young prince Dorian. His offer to train her in fae magic is alluring, as is the instant chemistry between them. 

Vivid descriptions paint the fae world into brilliant detail. Fast-paced action propels us along the twists and turns of Kiera’s adventures in magical training and in romance. Kiera’s evolving passion for Dorian is masterfully spun too. Some scenes, however, do spend some time telling us information rather than offering its usually engaging dialogue and action.

The loyal and brave prince Dorian exudes palpable affection and admiration for Kiera while also revealing fierce dedication to his people and to his values. The mystery surrounding Dorian’s efforts to subvert the truth is complex and brilliantly revealed to the reader in some stunning revelations. 

The truth about Kiera’s identity and about Dorian’s motivations toward her bring a fresh twist to this magical love story. Supporting characters such as Kiera’s father, Dorian’s General Erik, Erik’s romantic partner Liam, and Dorian’s sister Fiona offer a host of complexity to the action involved and prompt increasingly greater questions about what may come to pass as the novel progresses. 

Why is Kiera’s father truly afraid of Kiera’s magical gifts being discovered? Why are Dorian’s family and friends so invested in helping Kiera learn to harness her magic? What are the true risks if Kiera refuses to stay and help Dorian?

With hot sex scenes, a wonderful love story, jaw-dropping mystery, and vivid fantastical elements—it’s a relief to discover the hint of a sequel to follow.

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