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Book Review: Yes! You Will Understand Your Teen with ADHD

YES! YOU WILL UNDERSTAND YOUR TEEN WITH ADHD by Jaycee Donovan is a resource full of hope and practical guidance. Check out what Tomi Alo has to say in her book review of this indie parenting book.

Yes! You Will Understand Your Teen with ADHD

by Jaycee Donovan

Genre: Nonfiction / Parenting

ISBN: 9798390395189

Print Length: 194 pages

Reviewed by Tomi Alo

Discover hope and practical guidance in this resource for parents raising children with ADHD.

Yes! You Will Understand Your Teen With ADHD is a valuable educational resource offering practical guidance on connecting with teens dealing with ADHD. 

The book covers a wide range of topics, from understanding the symptoms of ADHD to dealing with medication and therapy and even to navigating school life for ADHD teens. It also offers insights on how to interact effectively with your teen and build a strong relationship based on trust and understanding. 

Author Jaycee Donovan uses her personal experience dealing with her child’s ADHD to explain how she created a working system that has helped both her and her daughter navigate this challenging journey. 

This system included asking herself and her teen a series of questions—such as “Who are you again?,” “What is happening to you?,” “Why are you acting out?,” and so on—that lay the foundation for having a healthy relationship.

The book is divided into eight chapters, with each chapter tackling a specific question to ask your teenager and providing ways on how you can help them answer you. These questions are meant to help you foster a comfortable environment for both of you to communicate better and more completely understand each other’s needs. 

In addition to being informative on the topic, the book also includes several links to helpful resources, introducing readers to different organizations in the US dedicated to helping individuals with ADHD, such as CHADD and CMI, and has references listed at the end for anyone who wants to do further research. You are always their parent, so it’s invaluable to continue learning and adapting as they do. 

No doubt that Yes! You Will Understand Your Teen With ADHD is a well-researched and beginner-friendly guide that provides practical coping strategies for parents who find themselves raising a teen with ADHD.

The author’s accessible writing style and ability to speak on personal experience act as a beacon of hope and comfort to parents. Telling them that they are not alone and that there are others who have been where they are now works wonders in conjunction with the patience required to this mentally and sometimes physically challenging journey. 

The straightforward style makes this book an easy one to pick up and put down in small intervals too. You can even skip to the question that interests you the most and then come back to other questions when they arrive. The structure really nails down the resourceful nature of the book.

All in all, Yes! You Will Understand Your Teen With ADHD graciously combines valuable information, practical tips, and a supportive tone to make this an indispensable guide for anyone embarking on or continuing this journey with their child.

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