The Learn It All LEader by Damon Lembi book review
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Book Review: The Learn It All Leader

THE LEARN IT ALL LEADER by Damon Lembi is a sleek and inspiring book on the essential traits of an effective leader. Check out what Toni Woodruff has to say in their book review of this indie business book.

The Learn It All Leader

by Damon Lembi

Genre: Nonfiction / Business

ISBN: 9781544541631

Print Length: 150 pages

Publisher: Lioncrest Publishing

Reviewed by Toni Woodruff

A sleek and inspiring book on the essential traits of an effective leader

There are so many different ways to lead: in business, in sport, in life. And the advice is always different. Leaders often mentor those who ask and those who need it, but across a spectrum of professions, the advice just doesn’t always translate.

That is, unless we’re talking about being a “Learn It All Leader.” Damon Lembi, CEO of Learnit (a technology instruction company), breaks down the gritty, hard-working truth of what it takes to lead effectively.

To be a leader, you’ve got to adjust, to look at yourself honestly, to make hard decisions, and to get the most out of your employees. This book encourages business-owners & business-leaders to shift their mindset from one of stagnancy and power to one of adaptability and lifelong learning.

Broken into two parts—“Being” and “Doing”—this book places equal importance on a mindset change as it does on the practicality of finding & training employees. There are plenty of examples of how you can do it, and they are told with crisp and entertaining storytelling along the way. Whether driven by the author’s impressive baseball career or his experience at the helm of Learnit, you’ll surely grasp its concepts and brainstorm the countless ways you can use it in your own situation.

The book’s principles and concepts are the most important elements of the book, but the writing itself works wonders in making sure those concepts are easily understood and relatable. Lembi’s storytelling meshes seamlessly with his core principles and makes for a book as smooth of a read as it is an educational one. I’d be hard-pressed to find readers who didn’t step away from this book with a newfound appreciation for taking on challenges with confidence & fervor. It’s a book that constantly reminds the reader that the job isn’t done when you reach the top and that it won’t be until you walk away for good.

Leadership examples range from sports, to LearnIt, and to books and quotes from famous leaders throughout history. Lembi, walking the walk, is clearly a voracious reader and learner, an important attribute for someone speaking so vehemently on how lifelong learning is essential to succeed. 

Sometimes the experience can feel a bit too much like, “This is what I do, and it works,” but it never feels like bragging. The book might not break too much new ground in its leadership techniques, as while the author clearly knows his stuff, others in the space for a while could too. Still, readers breaking into leadership roles will find this book helpful, clear, and motivational.

The Learn It All Leader is chock-full of practical advice that’ll have leaders and future leaders inspired to keep going, keep learning, and start thriving.

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