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Book Review: Karma Two

KARMA TWO by Colleen Hollis is a powerful introspective about the interconnectedness of the human experience. Check out what Melissa Suggitt has to say in her book review of this indie literary novel.

Karma Two

by Colleen Hollis

Genre: Literary Fiction / Spiritual

ISBN: 9781639888382

Print Length: 274 pages

Publisher: Atmosphere Press

Reviewed by Melissa Suggitt

A powerful introspective about the interconnectedness of the human experience

Can one man balance a lifetime of negative Karma?

Arizona “AJ” Sunshine Jackson is born with a purpose—to balance the Karma of his past life. Born to a mother forced into a life of prostitution, he begins life in a trap house where the cycles of abuse and suffering are almost impossible to break. Trafficked, abused, and led into a life of addiction, he holds on to the hope that his destiny is not this path.

When fate intervenes and he is given the chance of a lifetime to turn it all around, he begins a decades-long journey of healing, learning, and clemency.

Told over the course of one man’s natural life, Karma Two is the next novel in a series by author Colleen Hollis. The plot picks up where the last book ended and continues into the second half of his soul’s karmic cycle. While not necessary to read the first, aptly named Karma One, some readers might find it helpful to start from the beginning to piece together key connections, plot points, and themes that carry over.

The reader follows AJ as he harnesses the power to connect with his highest self and harness his power of healing while balancing the karmic energy from past lifetimes in his family tree. It is incredibly difficult to bear witness to the pain and violation that he endured as a child and into his early adolescence. Hollis does not hold back in this descriptive narrative, and it is highly encouraged to heed the content warnings.

The sheer amount of suffering he and his family endure lends a heartbreaking but somewhat necessary amount of weight to how difficult it would be to break free from this cycle and heal that generational trauma. And while the juxtaposition is an important one, it doesn’t make it any less uncomfortable as a reader to sit with these realities and the feelings they induce. It’s hard to reconcile that this is a work of fiction when it resembles reality so strikingly.

As the plot progresses, and we begin to watch AJ master not only his own healing but the ability to transfer that inner power to his community for the greater good, it’s hard not to question how our own lives, and in turn our own suffering, might have a greater purpose.

The immense amount of strength, determination, and resilience it would require to overcome such a traumatic childhood is inspiring. Following AJ’s journey to turn that much darkness into so much love and light feels like such an intimate experience.

Whether the reader believes in Karma, the afterlife, and the world of energy healing or not, anyone who reads this book will be left to sort through a lot of existential questions. Karma Two explores the connection among destiny, free will, and the energy of all the things unseen on this plane of existence. I’d definitely recommend picking up this book. Just be sure to leave time for reflection and perhaps even your own healing when you do. 

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