Embracing Your Superpower by Kevin D Neal book review
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Book Review: Embracing Your Superpower

EMBRACING YOUR SUPERPOWER by Kevin D. Neal is a motivational book to help you Embrace the beauty of a long forgotten childhood gift. Check out what Jadidsa Perez has to say in her book review of this indie self-help book.

Embracing Your Superpower

by Kevin D. Neal

Genre: Nonfiction / Self-Help

ISBN: 9798373209083

Print Length: 40 pages

Reviewed by Jadidsa Perez

Embrace the beauty of a long forgotten childhood gift with this motivational book

Kevin D. Neal’s Embracing Your Superpower will motivate you beyond disciple and routine. Neal’s goal is to get you to leave you comfort zone and to reintroduce that which made you powerful as a child. To generate innovation, individuals must learn to metamorphose and use their creativity in all facets of life.

Embracing Your Superpower is a pleasant surprise waiting to be unwrapped. One of the primary questions explored in the book,“Are you a prisoner?”—which is the first chapter’s title—is done with duty, keen attention, and clarity. 

As Neal puts it, We all are products of what we have seen, heard, and gone through,” and navigate through life by learned experiences. This book is game-changing in its discussion of your need to gravitate away from your normal activities and interests—like expanding beyond usual genres for avid readers like me; there’s a boundless world of literature out there waiting to expand your mind. Neal explains the importance of cultivating an imagination that has been “doused with a deluge of satisfaction after completing high school or college” to create new solutions. 

There are aspects of this book that shine. Neal’s vulnerability when talking about his father’s illness, for example, is a big impact storyline. I also really enjoyed the exercise in chapter eight; it helps us apply and understand the importance of Neal’s message. These parts make it easy to connect with Neal’s philosophy.

However, some parts of the book feel more like a persuasive essay than a self-help book. The amount of quotes included can take away from the book rather than complement it, especially when the quotes are long. The response to the quotes can at times seem redundant, like overusing the word “prison” to describe being tied to one’s memories. The word, despite being in the titular heading for chapter one, ends up losing its power as the book goes on. Rather than be convinced that I’m in a prison, I would’ve preferred to be given more tools on how to break out of it.

Overall, Embracing Your Superpower is a refreshing book with a deep conversation and a nuanced way of improving one’s life. I’d recommend this read to those that need to break out of the box and live creatively.

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