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Book Review: Immunity of Murder

IMMUNITY FOR MURDER by David M. Beers is a deep dive into a gruesome murder case, seeking justice for a mother that was completely stripped of it. Check out what Akram Herrak has to say in his book review of this indie true crime book.

Immunity for Murder

by David M. Beers

Genre: Nonfiction / True Crime

ISBN: 9781737869009

Print Length: 400 pages

Reviewed by Akram Herrak

A deep dive into a gruesome murder case, seeking justice for a mother that was completely stripped of it

Murder is the ultimate theft, a crime against humanity, a crime that sensationalizes. Even more so when the victim is two-and-a-half years old.

David M. Beers’ Immunity for Murder takes us through the smallest details of the investigation of the murder of young Lyric Taft, disclosing all the facts as if we were part of the investigation team, before revealing the many injustices that plagued this case and ultimately caused an innocent woman to be locked behind bars for years.

Veronica Taft, 23 years old, mother of four children, the oldest being five years old, drifts from one abusive relationship to the next, until she finds herself with Chucky, who according to her, takes good care of the kids, and so, she trusts him to do just that as she works night shifts at the local high school. 

One morning after going back home, she is shocked to find her youngest son Lyric dead. 

The investigation doesn’t take too long to reveal that his death was no accident, many bruises and internal injuries show that he was killed by an adult, and so the hunt for the killer commences. Veronica, cooperative since day one despite the recent tragedy, is surprised to soon find herself as the main suspect, as the investigating team ignores all the facts around them and focuses on unfounded claims made long ago by Child Protective Services, resulting in a witch hunt that punishes the innocent and leaves the killer roaming free. 

Author David M. Beers succeeds greatly in immersion with an incredible attention to detail and a dedicated cataloging of the facts and evidence of the case, going through different phases and perspectives to make sure the reader has the full picture. This approach proves successful once the investigation starts going astray when Veronica suddenly becomes the main suspect. I was shocked not only by the incompetence of the investigating team but their malice too, as we follow her through the miserable long months from her son’s murder to her prosecution. 

Immunity for Murder is a powerful read where a heart-wrenching case morphs into a sickening display of injustice. The author’s attention to detail makes it an immersive experience and a roller coaster of emotion as we follow Taft through her journey of suffering and the search for justice.

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