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Book Review: Intersections

INTERSECTIONS: Short Stories from Rideshare Passengers by Andrew Spink illuminates the ways in which our stories make up the constellation of life. Check out what Jadidsa Perez has to say in her book review of this indie book.


by Andrew Spink

Genre: Short Story Collections

ISBN: 979-8987452103

Print Length: 278 pages

Reviewed by Jadidsa Perez

Like stars in the sky, Intersections illuminates the ways in which our stories make up the constellation of life.

 Intersections is a collection of short stories that center around an Uber driver and remarkable passengers. 

Each story, such as, “Secrets,” centers on a different passenger and their story, such as a man claiming to be able to heal others through “energy” or a young man waiting to come out to his conservative family. They are all based on true events and experiences, and they reveal what only they can reveal when in close proximity with a stranger. The results? They are surprisingly positive.

Each story is about the people who intersect our lives for a short time and who leave an immense impact. Intersections sets out to remind us that these stories, as fleeting as they are, show that human connection is something we can rejoice.

The book guides us through several different stories that are all appealing in their own way. There are even poems in here, scattered between larger sections, pertaining to the complexities and truths of the human condition. 

The first story, “Water,” is a withering yet prepossessing anecdote about two workers across the world, working together to save a young woman’s life. The other stories follow a similar format of meeting the passenger and then delving into their experience; most of it has a foundation of truth with some additions from the author’s imagination to create a full story. The reader gets the perspective of every person involved, even the driver. 

This book features some of the most grounded storytelling I’ve ever read. There are a number of powerful lines in it, like, “How enlightening these intersections could be, when we take advantage. So, I started listening, and asking questions, and paying attention. I collected experiences. I absorbed wisdom.” 

Each story is important, evolving, and realistic. Readers will connect with a number of them and feel like they too have just taken an unforgettable Uber ride. “The Skeptic” and “Butterflies” are the only two that left me wanting a bit more. 

This short book has a lot to offer. If you’re drawn to concepts of human interconnectedness and coincidence, Intersections would be an excellent companion for your nightside table.

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