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Book Review: Freezing Reign

FREEZING REIGN by L.A. Goff is a dystopian novel where one woman’s rebirth is the last hope for humankind. Check out what Jaylynn Korrell has to say in her book review of this indie sci-fi novel.

Freezing Reign

by L.A. Goff

Genre: Science Fiction / Dystopia


Print Length: 240 pages

Reviewed by Jaylynn Korrell

One woman’s rebirth is the last hope for humankind.

L.A. Goff’s Freezing Reign takes us on a journey through dire times. Women are dying at unprecedented rates. There is only one woman left. She has the ability to save humanity, but her rise to the top is one filled with danger. 

This high-stakes sci-fi thriller strikes a resonant chord with our nearly post-pandemic world. We’re given a fun escape into a much more terrifying reality. 

One doctor takes matters into his own hands to save his child. His wife has died, his daughter’s best friend has died, and he knows his daughter will too—if he doesn’t intervene. Faced with an impossible decision, he chooses life after death for his daughter. It changes things forever. 

After being tucked safely away in a cryotank for 12 years, Mirari reawakens from death to a grim reality. All of the women have died and in their place are life-like women robots. These robots, all with flower names, have been made to replace the feminine touch that men so crave, but none can hold the power that she now has. 

In an instant, Mirari is now the only hope for the existence of humankind, and that is a dangerous position to be in. With the help of an old friend, friendly robots, and a few unexpected strangers, she navigates this new reality and all of the threats that come with it. 

Freezing Reign is an intense thriller that is just close enough to a possible reality. With the pandemic still on our heels, the idea of a pathogen that takes aim at certain people doesn’t feel too far off. It brings about a realness to this story that dystopian readers are going to love. 

Goff creates quite an emotional hit with the loss of Mirari’s best friend and mother. With this added on to the already global stakes of it all, I couldn’t help but root for the most important thing of all: Mirari’s survival. 

The stakes are high from the very beginning. It’s fascinating to watch the domino effect concerning the way the world runs. Without that balance of a man and woman dynamic, it’s up to only men to rule, and it all gets a little barbaric. 

The feminals are factory-made female robots that most men own. These robots are made with the latest technology,  life-like bodies, and extreme intelligence. They’re also made specifically for the use of men, making them overly feminine at times and also susceptible to abuse. Despite knowing they’re robots from the beginning Goff does an excellent job of making them into characters that readers will feel for. The abuse they sustain doesn’t feel any less because they’re robots. It only puts more emphasis on what men in this story are capable of when there are no women around. They create an inventive solution to a serious problem, and their abilities add a cool dynamic to the story. I loved the sort of sisterhood they kindle with Mirari, even though it wasn’t written in their code. 

Just when you think you’ve got a handle on this story, it will surprise you. Goff showcases what people are truly capable of under the right circumstances, and she musters up a great deal of girl power in a world with nearly no girls in it. Expect sadness, friendship, survival, and a little dash of romance in this empowering sci-fi. 

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