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Book Review: A Plan to Save the Planet

A PLAN TO SAVE THE PLANET by Glenn Weinreb is a no-nonsense guide to realistically avoiding our next extinction. Check out what Toni Woodruff has to say in their book review of this indie science book.

A Plan to Save the Planet

by Glenn Weinreb

Genre: Nonfiction / Science

ISBN: 979-8218106256

Print Length: 164 pages

Reviewed by Toni Woodruff

 Important and practical—a no-nonsense guide to realistically avoiding our next extinction 

Author Glenn Weinreb, director of the Manhattan 2 Project, has a simple goal: to save the world. But not in the cape-wearing, fist-fighting kind of way you’re used to seeing on TV.

With A Plan to Save the Planet, Weinreb shows politicians, power companies, and everyday consumers the truth about how we can actually resolve climate change. From green-manufacturing the right tools to the economics of affordable green cars, this book packs so much important information into a crisp 164 pages.

This problem we’ve arrived at—of a warming planet, of sea levels rising, of no-end-in-sight due to our current political plans to resolve it—isn’t going to fix itself. We cannot continue emitting CO2 if we want the humans on our planet to breathe clean air, to cultivate food from our loving planet, and to live. Things need to change.

Not only is Weinreb dedicated to resolving climate change, he wants to do it at the lowest possible cost. He’s realistic about consumer (and government) trends; the only way we can reach the green line is if it is affordable and can retain jobs to do so. It’s not as simple as saying everyone will need to put solar panels up on our roof or to use green cars. No. Those who can make the biggest difference are running power planets and our countries. 

A Plan to Save the Planet talks specifically of tasks that can be completed and the math needed in order to complete them. It’s a guidebook of sorts, an ideal way that we can get this done in order to stop emitting greenhouse gases within a reasonable time frame. Hopefully that’s about 30 years from now. But some big government changes are required to get it done. And that’s not to mention the green-manufacturing of solar farms and wind farms. We’ll have to spend billions now in order to save trillions later. 

It’s a bit difficult to write a review on a book with such a big purpose as this. I, maybe like you, am not a government leader. I am not the owner of a power plant. I can vote. I can do my part and indicate my willingness to spend a few more dollars a year in taxes in order to save future generations. But I can tell you that I’m grateful I read this book. I understand more of what can be done and feel hopeful that change is possible.

Perhaps what’s most important in reviewing this book is in increasing its reach—aiming to get it into the hands of leaders who want to makes change and make sure our planet remains inhabitable. We are and we are not far away from a world in which we emit no greenhouse gas. Experts like Weinreb are needed to make it happen.

Readers are going to gather a lot of important information from this book, and it might just play a part in saving our world. If anybody has Joe Biden’s number, please text this to him. End it with a question mark. And a clock.

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