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Book Review: Angels of Light

ANGELS OF LIGHT by P.B. Lamb delights with an enticing new perspective of angels and the afterlife. Check out what Alexandria Ducksworth has to say in her book review of this indie paranormal novel.

Angels of Light

by P.B. Lamb

Genre: Fantasy / Paranormal

ISBN: 978-1639885695

Print Length: 200 pages

Publisher: Author House

Reviewed by Alexandria Ducksworth

 P.B. Lamb delights with an enticing new perspective of angels and the afterlife.

Angels of Light is not your typical “Touched by an Angel” story. The protagonist doesn’t automatically become the world’s prophet as soon as they meet an angel. There’s so much more to uncover in this book. 

Unless you’re a biblical scholar, there are some things about angels that you might not know. In addition to sharing these interesting tidbits, this story will have you pondering spiritual themes and allowing healthy discussions. 

Angels of Light’s protagonist Jessica finds her beloved mother dead in the bathroom. Since her passing, she has been seeing ghosts around her mother’s estate. Not only does the mom pop out like she has never died, a military ghost appears along with the eerie “frosty beings.” Bill, a long-time family friend, finally reveals to Jessica a humongous secret about her life and what she is about to become. This is when a negative force slowly rises and threatens to tear Jessica’s family apart. Angels come to Jessica’s aid, and she needs all the help she can get from them. 

Jessica had no idea the whirlwind of drama that would come after her mother’s death. Ghosts are contacting her, the love of her life comes to her doorstep, and angels are approaching, all while she’s expected to be the guardian of her younger sister. As a reader, I really sympathize with how overwhelmed she is by all of this, and I greatly appreciate how she grows from there. Each supporting character (and the angels) have made her a stronger character. 

One of the most exciting ideas to come out of Angels of Light is a multi-layered heaven. Most people tend to believe one big heaven souls go to after death, depending on their earthly deeds. Lamb goes in a different direction with the question: “What if they are multiple realms?” In this book, Jessica meets different angels who live in multiple sections of heaven. Only God and his closest disciples live in the highest realm. By then, Jessica learns the afterlife is a universe on its own. 

Another interesting perspective out of Lamb’s book is man and creation. Are we the creators of our lives or does life shapes us? Do we create our own heaven and hell? Throughout Angels of Light, everyone keeps reminding Jessica she is “the creator.” It takes a while for her to fully understand what it entails. This theme is a wakeup call to gain a higher awareness in our lives. We do have power to change our lives; it only takes a while for us to finally realize it. 

Angels of Light brings out vibes readers might receive if they read The Alchemist or The Celestine Prophecy. Both are presented as fiction but carry deeper spiritual themes, as does this one. P.B. Lamb surely did her research on the biblical angels’ portion. I appreciated her characters mentioning The Book of Enoch, one of the many books not found in the common King James Version bible. It will make readers wonder what else is left out of the bible and how much we don’t know about the celestial watchers above us.

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