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Book Review: Princess Qloey (The Royal Matchmaking Competition)

PRINCESS QLOEY (The Royal Matchmaking Competition) by Zoiy G. Galloay is an endearing coming-of-age story with plenty of romance amidst an assassin mystery. Check out what Alexandria Ducksworth has to say about this indie YA fantasy.

Princess Qloey (The Royal Matchmaking Competition)

by Zoiy G. Galloay

Genre: YA / Fantasy / Romance

ISBN: 979-8371816153

Print Length: 333 pages

Reviewed by Alexandria Ducksworth

An endearing coming-of-age story with plenty of romance amidst an assassin mystery

YA fantasy features one of my favorite tropes: a young woman coming of age on her journey to save the world, but only doing so while juggling multiple love interests. It’s not always so easy to choose between the two dashing dudes battling their way into her heart. This trope has been used over and over throughout the years with a special thanks to Twilight and Hunger Games, but  Zoiy G. Galloay takes it a step further: it’s not two   boys who are fighting for Qloey’s heart; it’s twelve.

In addition to providing the tone and atmosphere of a good romance, the book features a really satisfying coming of age story. Plus, readers will know exactly who’s who among the suitors. Not all of them are exceedingly attractive with little personality. 

Princess Qloey of Velazia must choose her future husband during the Royal Matchmaking Competition (RMC). Twelve royal princes from all over have entered for a chance to win Qloey’s hand. She thinks she already knows who she wants to marry until reality comes knocking. An assassin attempts to steal the princess’s life. As Qloey tries to stay safe throughout the competition, she must deal with her conniving mother, warring centaurs, and unexpected conflicts of the heart.

Princess Qloey is a wonderful journey of the self. In the beginning, Qloey is kind of unlikable. She is arrogant and incredibly closed-minded. A close encounter with death and interacting with each of her suitors changes it all. Qloey becomes more intelligent, kind, and open-minded throughout the story. She even becomes a lovable public figure despite her parents’ disapproval. If Qloey had become anything like her cold-hearted mother, the story would’ve ended sooner. Readers will be satisfied with Qloey’s character development here. Galloay gets a mark for presenting readers Qloey’s tremendous change. 

Readers will love Galloay’s diverse fantasy world and its people. It’s filled with elves, dwarves, nymphs, fairies, and more with their own unique cultures. When it comes to Qloey’s suitors, it’s pleasing that not all of them are 6-foot-tall walking Adonises. Sure, there are handsome elves in the RMC, but there are other good candidates too, like the dwarf prince. Readers will get to see the 101 reasons why Qloey falls for him. Not all dwarves are bushy-bearded, dirty men obsessed with mining; there’s more to people than your preconceived stereotypes. This is something we can take note of in our own reality. 

There are many great things one can say about Princess Qloey. Galloay does well with the pacing without employing too much exposition. There’s so much you will want to know about Qloey’s world, but story always comes first. 

Readers will be glad to have discovered this one. Princess Qloey is the book to read if you’re looking to dive into multiple love interests and character growth. 

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