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Book Review: Dragon Blood Rising

BLOOD DRAGON RISING by G.S. Carline is an enticing fantasy adventure filled with pirates, magic, and steamy romances. Check out what Alexandria Ducksworth has to say about this indie fantasy.

Book Review: Dragon Blood Rising

Reviewed by Alexandria Ducksworth

Thanks to G.S. Carline, we need more hardcore, magical female pirates in our lives.

History has recorded the lives of many fearless female pirates like Mary Read and Anne Bonny. But how many of those women can you find in fiction? Carline has blessed hopeful readers with a strong shapeshifting female pirate in Blood Dragon Rising. Not only is this a story about a woman braving the seas in a fast-paced adventure, but dragons play a vital part too.

Lisette de Lille is born into a wealthy family in the Caribbean. She is bound to wed a nobleman for political alliances, not love. For years, a ferocious dragon has haunted her dreams. Nobody believes in dragons in Lisette’s world. They’re only mythical monsters from children’s books. 

One fateful day, Lisette’s fiancé betrays her by handing her over to pirates. Lisette vows for vengeance for the wrong against her. She hops from island to island, learning more about herself and gaining skills she would’ve never have acquired as a noblewoman. 

Along the way, she falls in love with captor, Captain Rocco. Not only does Lisette gain conflicting issues with the heart, she deals with her sudden dragon transformations. The big question: “Why?”

Blood Dragon Rising is a mighty page-turner, like grand pirate adventures should be. Fantasy fans and those who miss the Pirates of the Caribbean series are going to devour this book. Carline knows to make the best out of a tropical adventure. Readers will love the escape, let me tell you.

Lisette goes through tremendous growth. She begins as a dainty aristocrat’s daughter, neutral to the decisions made for her in her rigid life. After her kidnapping, she becomes a strong-willed woman sailing the seas, wielding weapons, a dragon shifter, and a quick-witted trickster. The friends and mentors Lisette meets along her journey have done great in their part and help her become the character we need out of this story. There’s nothing more disappointing than a protagonist who barely changes. Luckily, you won’t find that here.

Meanwhile, Captain Rocco is a mysterious love interest. He has his issues and secrets, but nothing outstanding enough for readers to sympathize with him. Sure, he’s mad because he has lost a loved one in his past. His constant grumpiness and mood swings may leave readers wondering why he fascinates Lisette so much. ButRocco gets points for helping Lisette enact her revenge in his own way. 

It’s incredibly fortunate for Blood Dragon Rising to exist. It’s even greater knowing it’s only the first book in the Dragon Shadows series. More adventures to come! The world needs more shapeshifting female pirates. Plot twists, pirates, magic, steamy romances—Carline sure knows how to write an enticing fantasy adventure. 

Genre: Fantasy / Historical

Print Length: 430 pages

ISBN: 978-1943654208

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