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Book Review: The Siren’s Sister

THE SIREN'S SISTER by R.M. Dilleen is a worthy gem of a mermaid fantasy. Check out what Alexandria Ducksworth of IBR has to say in her book review of this indie novel.

Book Review: The Siren’s Sister

Reviewed by Alexandria Ducksworth

Dragons, shapeshifting spiders, and unfulfilled destinies

The Siren’s Sister is a total gem. This world is filled with such vibrant energy. Readers can feel just how fun it must have been to create.

Deandra has no idea what is coming for her when a simple favor for her pregnant friend throws her into the magical world of Syl. Feeling like nothing more than an average graduate student, Deandra doesn’t know where to start in returning to her ordinary world. 

She encounters new people and creatures only spoken in bedtime fairy tales. Furthermore, she finds out her family is not all that it seems. Her father isn’t her father, but the grand royal ruler of Syl. The more Deandra learns about her foreign realm, the more she understands herself and her ultimate destiny. 

One thing is for sure, R.M. Dilleen scores on almost everything fantasy readers desire in their stories: fascinating worlds, magical character diversity, and unforgettable journeys. Reading The Siren’s Sister is like something out of the beloved Chronicles of Narnia. You have a hero venturing into a new land, unknowingly fulfilling an ancient prophecy—a classic hero’s journey.

The author nails familiar tropes with unique twists. Readers may expect one event to occur only for something completely unexpected to happen. Readers may know one fact about Deandra’s father as they follow her journey, only for something to completely throw them off. This occurs so much in this book. Fantasy readers may like their tropes, but they are also on the hunt for the new and unexpected. The Siren’s Sister does just that.

It also has dozens of memorable characters. Deandra takes the lead, following Artoros, the centaur, the cindercat Thorn, the trusty canine Sayde, Slag the dragon, and many more. You’d wish you had good company like this made-up crew.

Deandra goes through an incredible transformation. She goes from being a kind of clueless student from the non-magical world to a legendary heroine in a new land. It surprised me so many times how much Deandra changes through her actions & decisions. There are more sides to her than meets the eye. Being in Syl changes her for the better: from meek and reserved to brave, curious, and a go-getter. If Deandra didn’t decide to help Julia, we wouldn’t have The Siren’s Sister and witness her growth. 

This is a well-worthy fantasy read with some great characters. The way the author allows this world to unfold naturally is going to make readers really appreciate it. For anyone ready to get out of their everyday lives, The Siren’s Sister will certainly take you there—but you won’t want to leave.

Genre: Fantasy / Mythical Creatures

Print Length: 344 pages


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