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Book Review: Spindrift Love

SPINDRIFT LOVE by Jocelyn Holst Bolster is an atmospheric small town story of finding yourself. Check out what Manik Chaturmutha has to say in her review of this Atmosphere Press novel.

Book Review: Spindrift Love

Reviewed by Manik Chaturmutha

An atmospheric small-town story of finding yourself and believing in God’s love

Spindrift Love by Jocelyn Holst Bolster is about coming to terms with one’s flaws and believing in the kindness and love of God and family. 

The story revolves around a fifteen-year girl named Jesse who lives in a small town in Kansas. Being the church minister’s daughter, she has always lived a quiet, sinless life and has always done everything her parents told her to do. 

But she feels trapped in her small town and wishes to go out and explore the world, especially the ocean. Things begin to change for her when a handsome train hopper jumps from a freight train to her front yard, and her mother lets him in the house. But, with the coming of the train hopper, old secrets are revealed that make Jesse realize that everything she was told has been nothing but lies. 

The author takes us on a journey of discovering truths, family, and how complicated love can be. And it also shows us that love can be found in different ways. With its fantastic characterization and writing, Spindrift Love teaches readers about self-discovery and finding forgiveness even when the other person might not deserve it. 

The characters in this book are so well-written I had trouble remembering they weren’t real. These characters all have flaws that they try to work through. I love this book for that. I appreciate that the characters act in a way that feels real, not wise beyond their years like I see too often in YA. For example, when Jesse finds out that her parents hid something they shouldn’t have, she feels genuinely like a fifteen-year-old and to be honest, not very mature.

The author excels at creating this atmosphere. The small town is described so well especially the farms, barns, and vegetation, and since it’s summer in the book, I can feel the hot wind or drought-like air.

As a whole, I really did love this book, but the pacing does feel a bit inconsistent. Sometimes I don’t want to put the book down, and other times it slows to a halt for pages at a time. The chapters can feel a bit long too.

If you are looking for a cozy small town coming of age story, this novel will be a great fit. With its atmosphere, characters, and concepts of self-discovery and self-love, this book feels like one to keep on your bookshelf long into your adulthood. YA readers of Christian and literary fiction would be wise to give this book a try.

Publisher: Atmosphere Press

Genre: Young Adult / Christian Fiction

Print Length: 210 pages

ISBN: 978-1639883844

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