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Book Review: Energy Dependence Day

ENERGY DEPENDENCE DAY by Christian F. Burton is a soul-stirring thriller that challenges the heart and mind. Check out what Jadidsa Perez has to say in her review of this indie political thriller.

Book Review: Energy Dependence Day

Reviewed by Jadidsa Perez

A soul-stirring thriller that challenges the heart and mind

In his time as a member of the United States Air Force Academy, author Christian F. Burton saw many cultural and geographical wonders of the world. In reverence of the different perspectives and experiences around the globe, Burton wrote Energy Dependence Day, a clear analogy on the ways the United States may see itself as independent, but is reliant on overseas exports. 

Energy Dependence Day does not provide a solution for this contradiction but rather an anthology of stories that depict the way oil reliance has affected Saudi Arabia and the United States. Energy Dependence Day is a thriller that calls in question human morality and the fear of losing it. 

Energy Dependence Day details horrific events that occur through the eyes of multiple characters, mainly Al-Faruq and Husam. While both men were orphaned, Al-Faruq became a detective while Husam was indoctrinated in terrorist groups. Both believe in their ideals and are willing to fight for it—to the death, if they must. As circumstances heat up for both men, the flames of their passion begin to consume everything around them. What will rise from the ashes? 

While having a lot of characters and narratives can be confusing for some, Christian F. Burton handles the complex puzzle with facile clarity. Burton is a master at creating characters in whom readers are helplessly invested. His choice to focus on all aspects of terrorism, especially among the lower-ranking members, makes the story all that more enthralling. 

Burton also layers conflict quite well. While an overarching religious conflict threads through the book, each character deals with personal tribulations that keep the reader wondering if they’ll be able to prevail. 

I thoroughly enjoyed many aspects of Energy Dependence Day, butI do wonder if it could have moved just a little bit faster. The book really picks up about halfway in—once all the characters are established. And without giving too much away, I also have a few questions about this ending, particularly when it comes to Azzah’s story.

Energy Dependence Day is certainly a thriller, but I would recommend it more specifically to thriller fans with an interest in international politics and social awareness. The book does have scenes with violence, sexual assault, and discrimination based on religion and race. Ultimately, I enjoyed Energy Dependence Day and will be on the lookout for other Burton books. 

Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense / Political

Print Length: 384 pages

ISBN: 978-0991205202

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