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Book Review: Another Butterfly

ANOTHER BUTTERFLY by Howchi Kilburn is an enlightening and mystical trip through the various realms of Mother Nature. Check out what Jaylynn Korrell has to say in her review of this metaphysical novel.

Book Review: Another Butterfly

Reviewed by Jaylynn Korrell

Another butterfly book cover for novel by howchi kilburn

Expand your mind on this enlightening and mystical trip through the various realms of Mother Nature

Howchi Kilburn has created about as unique a story as you’ll ever find with Another Butterfly. You can join this group of life-long learners as they (and you) pick up a few new ideas about humanity. 

If you’re into exploring different dimensions and mind-bending ideas for how the world works, you’ll love this book.

In this story, four friends with an inkling for the mystical set their sights across New Mexico, but they are in for a much more mind-expanding trip than they could have imagined. 

Wu, a devoted Taoist, and Daphne, a meditating martial artist, pair up with friends Atsa and Aiyana to take on the open road. With the help of a variety of guides, they visit different planes of existence and open themselves up to something greater than themselves.

Another Butterfly reads like nothing I’ve ever read before. Each chapter dives deep into such a different experience that, although they’re all connected, they also feel independent from one another. It’s almost peeking your head into a bunch of differently themed rooms within the same house or going on a variety of psychedelic trips: wildly different, yet similar. 

While one chapter enters Mother Earth’s womb to meet a village of small people, another will transform a man into a woman for a more whole idea of living that experience. Kilburn’s attention to detail and spot-on imagery will give you a clear and radiating vision of each experience. As a reader you’ll clear your mind completely and expand it with different ideas. What you’ve considered reality may not be all there is, as Kilburn opens up a world within ours, above it, and beneath it.

I appreciate the openness of the characters in Another Butterfly, as they all gracefully accept the lessons passed to them by their teachers throughout the book. Each with their own unique talent and skillset, they take a “say yes” approach, no matter how mind-bending or physically challenging. 

While tapping into their sensual side, they rediscover the act of touching and being touched. Kilburn redefines pleasure with erotic description and somehow makes it sound more vast. The group grows closely together, while staying open to the idea of having to part ways eventually. They become tightly bound and connected with Mother Earth and her many portals. They’re an inspiring bunch. 

One thing that can be said of this book is that it acts as a teacher, both to the main characters and to readers. At its peak, it is enlightening to hear so many new ideas, but there are times when it feels like it is piling on too many ideas at once. The stories can take on a tone of over-explaining, where characters are asking guided questions and getting long-winded responses. At times this took me out of the story and made it feel instead like a collection of detailed lectures. 

This is a book for lovers of the earth, for deep thinkers, and for wonderers of how the earth operated before current societal norms took hold.

Publisher: Atmosphere Press

Genre: Fantasy / Metaphysical

Print Length: 216 pages

ISBN: 978-1639883370

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