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Book Review: This Book Found You! So Pick It Up and Read It

THIS BOOK FOUND YOU! SO PICK IT UP AND READ IT by Beronica Parham is like a conversation over coffee with an old and trusted friend. Check out what Kathy L. Brown has to say in her review of this self-help book.

Book Review: This Book Found You! So Pick It Up and Read It

Reviewed by Kathy L. Brown

Like a conversation over coffee with an old and trusted friend

This Book Found You! So Pick It Up and Read It offers sound emotional support, encouragement, and pithy advice. Beronica Parham, a life coach, shares wisdom gained through meditative and other spiritual practices to help readers in need of a more satisfying and fulfilling life.

Organized around specific lessons like positive thinking and gratitude, each chapter provides an explanation of mental health practices and suggestions for gradually implementing meaningful change in the reader’s life. In discussing negativity and subconscious thoughts, the book asks, “How do you shut out negativity? For me, it’s all about perception. I have a tree outside my house that I look to for strength…I point my lens at this tree, and it somehow grounds and heals me. You can always find something more positive to focus on…”

Complex ideas are discussed simply, and the book makes them easy to understand. For example, the psychology of the subconscious mind is a key player in many people’s inability to move forward in their lives, and Parham thrives in discussing it:

“Remember that your subconscious mind is a huge memory bank. It stores everything that you ever learned and experienced as well as how you responded to those events. The tricky part is that if you do not reprogram your subconscious, you will continue to respond to experiences the way you always have, keeping you in your comfort zone—a place that is familiar.”

The book directly addresses the reader, and much of the narrative is presented in the second-person “you.” It makes frequent use of the “I” pronoun in sharing opinions and personal experience. Thus, the voice is intimate and conversational, like an old friend sharing insights gained from experience and expertise. 

Often books of this type utilize story to illustrate their points: Specific, conflict-filled problems afflicting the author or someone they know are described along with how the issue was addressed. Largely, This Book Found You! does not avail itself of storytelling as a narrative device, so, despite the intimate voice, the lessons aren’t always as immediate as they might have been with examples.

The book is a useful reference for those searching for deeper meaning in their lives. Recent world events have left many of us with depression and other serious psychological issues; a book such as this could be helpful when combined with professional mental health care.

Readers interested in actualizing change in themselves, their lives, and their community have much to appreciate in this book. It summarizes attitudes and practices aimed at a peaceful and productive existence in a few short and sweet pages, as well as providing a reading list for further exploration.

Genre: Nonfiction / Self-Help

Print Length: 86 pages

ISBN: 978-1662927072

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