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Book Review: Reportedly Murdered

REPORTEDLY MURDERED by Geoffrey Walters is an unputdownable mystery about a reporter-turned-detective with a colorful cast of characters. Check out what Lindsay Crandall has to say about this indie mystery.

Book Review: Reportedly Murdered

Reviewed by Lindsay Crandall

An unputdownable mystery novel about a reporter-turned-detective with a colorful cast of characters

Gregory Thackery is trying his hand at reporting after being wrongfully terminated from his previous job.  He’s a stringer for the Mid-Queens Midweekly News covering community board meetings and navigating a struggling marriage. This is when he stumbles upon a story that unravels into a suspicious death and foul play.

The story starts simply, with Gregory covering Community Board 86, as he does month after month. This time, the Board is voting on the expansion of community tennis courts. At the end of the meeting, after everyone has all but cleared out, a proposal is read to    disassemble a local baseball diamond and allow the land to revert back to its natural state.  

This baseball diamond becomes the backdrop for the rest of the story, as a body is found nearby during a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Although the death is reported as occurring naturally, Gregory’s knack for persistent questioning uncovers something suspicious—and akin to murder. 

As Gregory tries to navigate the situation he’s found himself in, he’s hounded by a pushy reporter who is jealous of Gregoy’s story, a difficult wife who has just moved back in after a temporary separation, and a brother who has shown up with no notice to crash on the couch.  

Gregory must rush to get to the end of the story before it is stolen by any of the larger New York papers, or before he ends up a victim himself.

I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Gregory Thackery until this novel, but I am pleased to discover that another one was published in 2019.  I recommend picking up that novel, and this one, as Gregory is a delightful character. Reportedly Murdered stands alone—I never had any issue understanding plot points and references without reading the previously published novel.  

With Reportedly Murdered, Walters has a realistic reporter-turned-detective mystery. Each character, all unique and intriguing, is a viable suspect. The colorful cast is what keeps this story so rich.  

Walters has a gift for writing dialogue infused with unique quirks and habits. I felt as if I knew all of the characters personally by the end of the story. 

Reportedly Murdered is a fast-paced, easy read that is hard to put down. Set in New York City, it feels like a good old fashioned whodunnit detective mystery, even though Gregory isn’t really a detective.  

Walters concludes the story neatly, giving readers the closure that we’re looking for. Fans of the mystery genre and detective fiction are going to enjoy this one. Here’s to hoping Walters continues the Gregory Thackery series. 

Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Print Length: 208 pages

ISBN: 978-1666736120

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