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Book Review: What Happens In…

WHAT HAPPENS IN... by Steffanie Moyers is a high-stakes journey through some of the sexiest and most exclusive bits of Las Vegas. Check out what Jaylynn Korrell of IBR has to say about this indie thriller.

Book Review: What Happens In…

Reviewed by Jaylynn Korrell

A high-stakes journey through some of the sexiest and most exclusive bits of Las Vegas 

Content Warning: Abuse, rape, drugs

What Happens In… is a white-hot thriller set in the wonderful world of Las Vegas. With a steamy romance at the forefront and a dangerous killer lurking in the background, this novel is sure to capture the the interests of many.

Knox is working at a high-end strip club on the 69th floor of the famous Cosmopolitan hotel. This is where she meets him. With a little convincing, she’s swept off of her feet into a whirlwind romance filled with hot sex and intriguing mystery. It’s almost enough to make her forget about the ex-boyfriend she murdered just a few days ago. Or the sketchy men she robs occasionally at her job. Almost. 

As her romance heats up, so does her trail. She encounters more men that just can’t seem to stay out of her war path. Because a hot trail can only stay hot for so long before things start to stick, we’re left with a story that feels like things could come to a head at any moment. It’s always a wild ride.

Knox and her love interest Jett start their romance off with a one-night stand, that Moyers spares no detail in. It’s enough for both characters to know that they need more, but when and where are left to be decided. The one meeting is enough for readers to know this could be something more, or at least hope for it. 

Without being overly raunchy for its own sake, Moyers writes believable yet sexy romance scenes that happen consistently throughout the novel. Knox and Jett’s romance is a highlight of the story, and when they make a decision to not tell each other what they do as a profession, it adds even more mystery to this already thrilling book. Sure, Jett could be an everyday salesman. Or he could be the one thing that could bring all of her antics to a head. 

Though I can acknowledge that Knox does have a feel for crime, I can’t say I wrote her off easily as just a criminal. Moyers creates a complex character in Knox, with a heart-wrenching backstory and justifiable reasons for doing what she does. Is it right? No. But she does kind of always find herself in a fix. I kept wishing she could just get a new start somewhere else, but what I really felt most of all was that I liked her—pretty impressive for someone who kills people.

I’d recommend What Happens In… to those readers who enjoy lustful and high-stakes stories. From the beginning, we know that Knox is engaging in activities that could put her away for life, and it makes the book even sexier. We never know what scene will be her last, if any. We never know who will catch on or when. And for a long time we have no clue just what it is her mysterious new boyfriend is up to while he is away. It creates a damn-near perfect hodgepodge of events that leaves readers guessing.

And on top of all that, each character is well-written, plays their part, and makes total sense for the story. There isn’t a single character in here I didn’t enjoy. What Happens In… is one of the best books I’ve read in a while.

Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense / Serial Killer

Print Length: 274 pages

ISBN: 979-8433557956

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