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Book Review: Host Coach

HOST COACH: A Blueprint for Creating Financial Freedom Through Short-Term Rental Investing by Culin & Danielle Tate will keep readers ahead of the curve. Check out what Jadidsa Perez has to say in her review of this indie nonfiction book.

Book Review: Host Coach

Reviewed by Jadidsa Perez

A compendium for the rapidly expanding short-term rental market that will keep readers ahead of the curve

Author Culin and Danielle Tate add greatly to the conversation on the market and profitability of Airbnbs. While Danielle has published previously, Culin Tate jumps into the ring with Host Coach to help as many hopeful entrepreneurs as possible. 

Host Coach encompasses all of the tips and tricks that the authors have learned as they ventured into the world of short-term rentals, specifically Airbnbs. Each chapter delves into a different facet of short-term rentals and offers advice on mitigating certain issues that might come up, like irate guests or how to list a property. Each chapter includes nuanced tips, anecdotal evidence, and takeaways.

From the beginning of the book, it’s very clear that Host Coach is well-structured and written by people who are confident in their fields. The book informs you which page to go to if you have already bought an investment property and other specifics important to you. By the end, I was able to understand both the basics and specifics regarding short-term rentals. 

The book also sells the idea of “bleisure” well-being, an ability to generate profit from minimal minutes of work. For those who are unsure based on anecdotal evidence, the authors include numerical evidence and research. Additionally, there are interactive activities throughout the text that allow you to reflect and ponder on what you have learned thus far. The book even covers very peculiar things that new Airbnbs owners may overlook, like how to hire a housekeeper or how to reach the first page in the search results. Overall, it’s a very accessible and approachable way to begin to understand Airbnbs.

However, I do wonder if we could have delved into certain sections in a different order, like if we could have seen “Cracking the Airbnb Algorithm” and “Living with Purpose” earlier so that we can get to know the authors and better understand how they got into property investment as well as how it can generate profit. I also wished there was more acknowledgement of the current housing crisis and scarcity, as some attribute this to the rise of Airbnbs. 

For those who are looking into a new entrepreneurial project, I definitely recommend Host Coach. Not just for its thorough comprehension on Airbnbs, but also as an example of a well-written & structured how-to book.

Genre: Nonfiction / Self-Help / Business

Print Length: 228 pages

ISBN: 978-0997007411

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