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Book Review: Pages

PAGES by Kathy Weyer is an uplifting story of coming together and making each other better. Check out what Jaylynn Korrell has to say about this indie author contemporary novel.

Book Review: Pages

Reviewed by Jaylynn Korrell

An uplifting story of coming together and making each other better

The third installment of Kathy Weyer’s Heritage Art Park series, Pages, focuses on Jade Robinson as she becomes the unlikely owner of a large estate, a local literary store, and a shelter for women suffering from domestic abuse. 

Her qualifications are few, but in her colorful past, she’s created new personas for herself before. She isn’t exactly the kind of person you’d imagine living in a mansion. She’s a little rough around the edges and fairly young. Yet that’s the exact position she finds herself in after her employer Iris dies and leaves her home with everything in it. 

Just like that, she goes from being the driver of a rich woman to a homeowner. After getting over the initial shock, Jade begins on a path that not even she would have suspected as she uses her newfound wealth and home to pursue some really inspirational goals. She starts a literary event space in the local art shopping plaza and creates a safe space for women suffering from domestic abuse. But she’s also running from some pretty serious inner demons along the way. 

Weyer fills Pages with gripping and realistic characters, especially her intriguing main character Jade Robinson. She is bequeathed with more than she could ever imagine and is thrown into a role that gives her responsibility. While she is a sketchy character with a questionable and mysterious past, Weyer allows her to transform effortlessly into a reliable character that everyone trusts. Readers could be pleasantly manipulated into giving her their trust as well. 

But she’s not the only person in this story with a mysterious past. The element of surprise is ever-present in Pages, something you might not expect from the first few chapters. What starts off as a lighthearted read dives deep into complicated character histories. 

People aren’t always who you think they are—good in some circumstances, yes, but problematic in others. There is always a looming feeling of danger in this book with all of the abusive ex-partners. Readers should expect to go through a variety of emotions before closing the final pages.

I love the sense of community in this novel. Jade’s willingness to take on this new task opens so many doors to people in need, people in danger, and people trying to take care of others.There are a handful of uplifting experiences throughout the book. You can see how everyone becomes better by having each other to depend on, creating a sense of hope and positivity that adds to the pleasure of this reading experience.

I enjoyed this book thoroughly. No matter if you’re returning to the series or just starting it now, you have a lot to look forward to in Pages.

Genre: Contemporary Fiction / Women’s

Print Length: 268 pages

ISBN: 978-1736726242

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