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Book Review: Heavy Is the Hurricane

High-stakes business and fierce family loyalty collide in the intoxicating romantic suspense novel HEAVY IS THE HURRICANE by Bethany Patrick. Check out what Andrea Marks-Joseph has to say about this indie author novel.

“Book Review: Heavy Is the Hurricane

Reviewed by Andrea Marks-Joseph

High-stakes business and fierce family loyalty collide in this intoxicating romantic suspense novel

Heavy is the Hurricane is the evocative story of two lifelong friends and the new romantic lead who will change their lives forever.

The novel opens in the point of view of Luka, the best friend, and then the rest of the story comes from Tyla, the main character. Their friendship is depicted as tender, unshakable, and central to who they both are. Author Bethany Patrick writes the delicate intimacy, genuine concern, and their unfailing reliance on each other in a beautiful, undeniable way. Readers who enjoy reading the dynamic between childhood best friends will adore the relationship between Luka and Tyla here.

Then there’s Rave, the love interest. We first meet him when he’s posing as a police officer. He blatantly takes advantage of his position of power as a cop to flirt and play games with her. He pulls her over and doesn’t tell her why, manipulates the traffic lights so that she disobeys them, and jokes whenever she questions the legality of his actions. And yet, the protagonist reacts to him with lust, delight, and unchallenged romantic interest. This is a troublesome area in the book, but beyond it, there is a whole lot of good.

It’s hard not to be enamored of these three characters. Luka, Tyla, and Rave go through so much and reveal so much of themselves in this novel. There’s love, betrayal, deception, car crashes, murder, business dealings gone wrong, flashbacks to childhood, and more. This novel is a rollercoaster ride. Expect to feel as though you are part of a close-knit family, then fall deeply in love, then become embroiled in a mysterious investigation. Just make sure to question who it is you think you can trust. The sweetness between Tyla and both men is well-balanced with the surrounding chaos of the suspense plot.

Amidst the romantic entanglements, Tyla suspects that the murder of her parents years before may be connected with the present moment. But there is so much other thrilling action and emotional tension that it’s hard for her to keep track.

In many ways, the novel is unpredictable. Just when you think you know where the story is going, the author weaves in another twist on Tyla’s path. The shifts in her life seem to come from all directions. One of the most devastating twists happens rapidly, and the consequences of that sudden change lead in even more surprising directions—several of which took my breath away.

Tyla has a whole world outside of the two men in her life. There’s a fascinating journey into her career as a geneticist that takes place within this story as well. There’s also a curious narrative of a problematic professor that is both disconcerting and intriguingly realistic.

Heavy Is the Hurricane is a captivating, exceptional blend of romance and suspense. It would be a great fit for readers who love big feelings and inescapable problems, whether that problem be unavoidable sexual attraction or a high-profile corruption case. Romance readers will appreciate the fiercely loyal best friend in Luka. The novel is equally suited to readers who relish the complications of dirty business deals, anticipating potential arrests, and characters getting caught up in someone else’s bad deeds. I’ll gladly recommend this exhilarating read.

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Print Length: 321 pages

ISBN: 978-0578831398

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