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Book Review: Guided Ignatian Contemplation

GUIDED IGNATIAN CONTEMPLATION by Lawrence Keller is a Christian devotional of imagined stories to use as meditative prayer. Check out what Robyn-Lee Samuels of IBR has to say about this indie author title.

“Book Review: Guided Ignatian Contemplation

Reviewed by Robyn-Lee Samuels

A Christian devotional of imagined stories to use as meditative prayer

Lawrence Keller guides you through contemplative prayer with these fourteen stories grabbed from the pages of the gospels and verses. With imagined details to enrich each story, scenes of Jesus come to life and aim to bring Christians closer to God.

This unique devotional guide will stimulate the mind with new insight, understanding, and appreciation of Jesus’s life through its guided contemplation. Keller does an excellent job of weaving Scripture through the thought-provoking stories and offers the chance to see Jesus in action.

Indignatian contemplation is an imaginative form of prayer where readers are engaged with storytelling and scene, and then asked to reflect on them to deepen their relationship with Christ. Guided Ignatian Contemplation does not force the reader into a formulaic prayer style. It allows each person to take what is meaningful and valuable by imagining the events described in each verse as part of their prayer.

Praying through the scriptures has a rich tradition within church history. It helps Christians meditate on Scripture as they learn about God and how he operates in the biblical narrative.

Guided Ignatian Contemplation also proposes many worthwhile ideas to help its readers incorporate Scripture into their everyday lives. They get to venture back to first-century Israel and witness the scenes of Biblical verses to better understand them: to ask questions and find answers.

Keller is a fine writer, and his work touches on topics that are relevant to the spiritual journey of many. His writing style is both simple and personal, reflecting the way Jesus taught and spoke. Keller connects the 14 gospel accounts to Old Testament passages and gives context to the actions and motivations of those within the camp of Jesus.

Keller is not an academic writer but a man of faith who loves The Bible and is passionate about helping the reader become more engaged in God’s story. He gives his readers important reminders and sincere concerns that can help them better understand each chapter’s theme.

Guided Ignatian Contemplation is an excellent resource for someone wanting to learn more about biblical meditation techniques. It would be a good choice for a two-week personal study, a new addition to a regular bible study group, or for readers who want to reignite their hunger for the Bible.

Genre: Christian / Meditation

Print Length: 122 pages

ISBN: 979-8534981896

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