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Book Review: A Tooth Fairy’s Promise

A TOOTH FAIRY'S PROMISE by Michael Adams is an addictive tooth-fairy mystery with a fantastical twist. Check out what Alexandria Ducksworth of IBR has to say about this indie author novel.

“Book Review: A Tooth Fairy’s Promise”

Reviewed by Alexandria Ducksworth

An addictive mystery with a fantastical twist

Michael J. Adams has turned a common legend into an urban fantasy thriller. And it works.

A Tooth Fairy’s Promise features a fairy private investigator working on a dangerous case in the streets of Atlanta. Think Law & Order, but with fairies. Fans of the TV shows Grimm and iZombie are a sure match for this book.

Your idea of the tooth fairy might be innocent now, but Adams shakes up this image of her in a fresh and exciting new light. She is more than that sparkly, friendly being who puts money under children’s pillows. Much more.

Our fairy protagonist Tiffemory Greenstone has a remarkable skill for finding children. Her secret: consuming their old baby teeth. Whenever she takes their teeth, she creates a connection between her and the child wherever they may be.

But one curious case lands in Tiffemory’s lap, leading her to an old archnemesis: Jeck. He’s back, and he’s involved in a terrible human trafficking ring. This is a case Tiff would do anything to stop, even if it costs her life.

While Tiffemory herself is a spin on the classic tooth fairy legend, her status remains as the symbol of all things good in children’s eyes, like Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. Although she does not fly around offering money, Michael J. Adams transforms her into a savior of children, protecting them from all evil and harm. Tiffemory loves kids with all her heart. Due to a tragic past, it’s always personal to her—and every child is like a child of her own.

Tiff is a bit unusual, but that just makes her all the more likable as a lead. She’s quirky and brilliant, and her pastime is reading medical journals on the latest studies about bones. Utilizing her talent and resources, she is like the Sherlock Holmes of the fairy world.

On the other hand, Jeck is a kid’s nightmare. He is one fairy you do not want to meet. The more we get to know Tiffemory in this story, the more we realize how horrifying this nemesis really is. If anyone crosses Jeck, he will take the bones from their body without a second thought. Adams has done great mirroring the difference between the protagonist and the antagonist in his story in this way. One wants to protect all children while the other is capable of great harm. We can easily see a world where Tiffemory falls to this worthy nemesis, so readers are met with a constant urge to fly through its pages, to detect whether or not good can defeat evil.

While the novel does fit neatly within the urban fantasy genre, it also flashes aspects of a good detective thriller. Because of this, we get to experience our favorite fantastical elements while twisting and turning through a strong-enough mystery to hold our attention on its own. There is never a dull moment in A Tooth Fairy’s Promise.

Urban fantasy and thriller seekers, don’t hesitate in grabbing a copy of this one. And don’t let the fact the lead character is a tooth fairy fool you. Adams has taken society’s light depiction of fairies and created something fresh, original, and dark with it—resulting in a great read for adults who are looking for some fantasy with their page-turning mysteries.

Genre: Urban Fantasy / Mystery

Print Length: 191 pages

ISBN: 979-8556433625

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