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Book Review: The Unicorn Diet

THE UNICORN DIET by MK Lorber is a myth-busting, fact-slinging, anecdote-swinging weight-loss companion. Check out what Joelene Pynnonen of IBR has to say about this indie author nonfiction book.

“Book Review: The Unicorn Diet”

Reviewed by Joelene Pynnonen

A myth-busting, fact-slinging, anecdote-swinging weight-loss companion

MK Lorber has written a solid, sensible book that delves into the science of dieting and weight loss. From the start, The Unicorn Diet puts the major point up front and center: Calories out need to exceed calories in. The Unicorn Diet is a health journey, though, as weight loss is not the only goal. Achieving an active, healthy lifestyle is the end goal, and Unicorn Diet provides the blueprint to get there.

For its diminutive size, The Unicorn Diet is a surprisingly thorough book. It walks readers through nutrition: exploring calories, proteins, carbs, macros and micros. While these sections will likely be the ones readers trudge through, they explain what the body needs and how much of it. There are also break-downs on how to read nutrition labels and tips on avoiding the misleading information often provided.

The book is set up well, geared clearly toward ease of use. Chunks of heavy-going information are broken up with useful infographics. The text is peppered with fascinating anecdotes, myth-busting facts, and homework tasks. All of these pieces serve to regroup wandering thoughts, and it works.

I wouldn’t expect to enjoy reading about calorie-counting or nutrition, but the succinct pieces of information interspersed with jokes and stories made reading a breeze. Diet plans are toward the end of the book, so that by the time readers start to work on them, they have all of the information to consider. The homework that is given at the end of chapters is also grouped at the end, to make referring back to it effortless.

The Unicorn Diet works toward offering an achievable weight-loss plan regardless of lifestyle, age, or current health. It’s clear that Lorber knows people won’t continue with a diet completely out of their comfort zone. There are no recipes in the book and no suggestion to cut any food groups or type. The homework is geared toward creating a plan that each reader is most likely to stick to. Readers can have any of the foods they are accustomed to eating, so long as calories out exceeds calories in. If a person has to have a few drinks on the weekend, there’s a plan for that. If there’s a big party, this book has you covered.

The Unicorn Diet is a motivating and informative lifestyle guide. It manages to be conversational and interesting even when digging into some pretty dense nutritional material. With handy guides on how to adjust diets to different social and personal situations, easy to access information and sensible tips throughout, this book has everything readers might need to make the best choices for themselves.

Category: Nonfiction / Health, Fitness & Dieting

Print Length: 184 pages

ISBN: 978-1735971704

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