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Book Review: The Gallows Green Killer

Uncover hidden secrets in the English countryside in THE GALLOWS GREEN KILLER by Frances Lloyd. Check out what Sam Cohen has to say about this mystery novel from Joffe Books in her first IBR book review!

“Book Review: The Gallows Green Killer”

Reviewed by Sam Cohen

Uncover hidden secrets along the English countryside before The Gallows Green Killer gets away.

In Frances Lloyd’s exciting fourth installment of the Detective Inspector Jack Dawes Mystery Series, readers are taken on an unforgettable journey through the twists and turns of The Gallows Green Killer. An engaging mystery that hooks you with the first sentence, this story takes on shocking new developments and revealing suspects to leave you wanting more.

Centered around a series of characters, including Rosemary and Dick Brown who move to secluded Gallows Green in Somerset, Lullington Barrow, this book allows you to see the world and transpiring events through varied and unique perspectives. Beware, though: everyone is not how they appear at first glance. Rosemary and Dick discover this quickly, as a local man’s body is found at the bottom of a slurry pit not long after they move to town.

With the discovery of the body comes a web of deceit, lies, and betrayal that the Browns and their neighbors must work to untangle. That is where Detective Inspector Jack Dawes and his wife Coriander come in.

The two bounce ideas off one another to determine what is really going on in Gallows Green, and yet, the body count begins to skyrocket and the mysteries deepen even further. So Dawes and Coriander must recruit backup to help catch the killer before they get away…or worse.

“Only fools took chances in this game. The stakes were too high.”

Author Frances Lloyd includes brilliant bursts of comedic relief interspersed with suspense-building descriptions. As the story becomes increasingly sinister, these comical quips and flashes of familiar human interactions help soften the more gruesome details. With its lively scenery and rising curiosities, The Gallows Green Killer drew me in further with each chapter. The twists and turns created by Lloyd might be confusing at times, especially as more people are murdered, but the wrinkles are ultimately ironed out in a satisfying way by the book’s conclusion.

The Gallows Green Killer is so descriptive that it makes you feel as though you’ve joined the characters on the page and are making your way through their small Somerset village. But lucky for the reader, Gallows Green is not as idyllic as it seems. Even when you think you’ve found someone you can trust, you turn the page and see what is lurking in the dark. This novel is a brilliantly human story that made me feel like an amateur sleuth and left me curious to discover what Detective Inspector Jack Dawes is going to get himself into next.

Paperback: 260 pages

Publisher: Joffe Books

ISBN: 978-1789312317

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