Copy Editing

“Sandra embodies qualities needed to push your writing to a level you would never have been able to take it to otherwise. She is the perfect fit to turn a draft into a structured and sound manuscript.” – Alexandra Burt

What is copy editing?

Copy editing is an essential step in the editing process that improves your book on a word-by-word, comma-by-comma basis. By purchasing this service, you will take action to ensure that your book follows the industry standard Chicago Manual of Style and presents itself to the reader in an error-free, factually correct, and linguistically consistent manner.

Purchasing a professional copy editing service is your best option for making sure your readers can understand your sentence’s intent clearly and effectively. There are countless copy editors available to both self-published and traditionally published authors, but you want to make sure your copy editor is qualified, communicative, and clear.

IBR provides high-quality copy editing services for both fiction and nonfiction manuscripts. We know how important it is for a book to be exceptionally edited and how much it impacts the reading process when it’s done correctly. So give us a shot. We think you’ll like it.

When should you hire a copy editor?

Copy editing is the second to last step in the editing process. If you are considering hiring a copy editor, you should have already revised your manuscript on the big-picture level, utilizing services like developmental editing or editorial letters. When your copy editor finishes editing your book, you will need only to pursue a proofreading service to make sure your book has gone through each step needed to create a professional product.

In the copy editing phase, your copy editor will meticulously comb through your text, making track changes in the document to correct your grammar, repetition, sentence structure, incorrect statements, spelling, and more. Your copy editor will not make direct changes to your manuscript, giving you the final say in making the editor’s request or disregarding it. You may purchase this service as a self-published author or as a traditional author who wants their manuscript clean prior to querying.

Who will be copy editing your manuscript?

Sandra Desjardins is a highly motivated, tech-savvy professional with over ten years of experience in a fast-paced editorial environment. She has extensive experience supporting authors in high-profile projects, and she has exceptional analytical ability and talent for managing information. She is proficient with a variety of editing software tools and has a deep and profound working knowledge of The Chicago Manual of Style.

With her experience as the copy editor for indie presses like Melange Books and Dragon Soul Press, Sandra enjoys collaborating with authors to ensure that the suggested changes enhance the manuscript’s readability, conciseness, and style expected of the publishing industry. Her second novel is set to publish with Fire and Ice publishing in 2020. Check out her article “The Author-Editor Relationship” for how you might expect to work with her.

How it works

  1. Please fill out the form below including all relevant information.
  2. Your copy editor will complete your free five-page sample edit within 5 days.
  3. When you receive the sample edit, you will also receive the rate at which the editor can complete your project, based on the expected amount of time it will take.
  4. You may speak with the copy editor (phone or email) about the sample edit and/or project regarding any lingering questions or concerns.
  5. If you decide to purchase the IBR copy editing service, please inform us of your preferred payment plan.
  6. A personalized contract will be created outlining the terms of service, deadline, legalities, and more.
  7. Once the contract is signed and the first payment is made, the turnaround time of four weeks begins.
  8. In four weeks, you will receive your copy edited manuscript.
  9. Your copy editor is available for a one-hour phone consultation about any lingering questions or concerns about your manuscript.
  10. And fun fact? You will receive a special discount for the final step in the editing process (proofreading).