Copy Editing Payment

Query Summary/Synopsis Outline & Line Edit Query/Synopsis- Ben Orlando

This payment is for two services for Ben Orlando: a query summary and synopsis outline as well as a two-pass line edit of both a query letter and synopsis. The outline will be completed by April 20, 2020 and the first line edit will be completed 14 days after submission.


Synopsis & Query Summary – Borbala Branch – Full Payment

Upon receipt of this payment, I (Joe Walters) will begin work on ghostwriting a synopsis and query summary of your (Borbala Branch's) manuscript RAINBOW PENCIL. Once payment is made and contract is signed, you will receive your ghostwritten synopsis and. query summary in 7 weeks.


Copy Editing – Borbala Branch – Full Payment

This is the first and final payment for a copy editing service completed by Joe Walters for author Borbala Branch's book called RAINBOW PENCIL. Once this first payment is made, the contract is signed, and the manuscript is shared with the editor, the six-week turnaround time begins.