Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does Independent Book Review exist?

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But seriously. We wanted to give small press and independent authors the opportunity to share personalized news with their fans. IBR promotions like book reviews and featured author spotlights can be used as personalized social media and newsletter announcements, as well as a way to get quotes for websites, press releases, and back covers.

Q:  I published my book, but no one is reading it. Can you help me?

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In addition to book reviews and featured author promotions, we’ve also got a resident book marketer who can help you get your book into stores, to set up author events, and to do the other dirty work you don’t have time for. You can contact him on his website.

Q: I see that you offer sponsored book reviews. Do you review any books or stories for free?

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A: Yes! While we can’t guarantee that your work is reviewed if you submit for free, we’d love to consider it. Submit the materials outlined on our submission guidelines page to IndieBookView@gmail.com.

Q: What is the “IBR Book of the Month” contest and how do I win it?

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To win the IBR Book of the Month contest, you had to have written the best book we’ve reviewed in the month you’ve submitted. With this accolade, you receive all the features of a featured author promotion along with three pitches to the bookstores, libraries, or magazines of your choice.

Q: Can you review my book on Amazon?

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Unfortunately not. That is against Amazon’s policies. However, if you create an Amazon Author Central account, you can add our review to the “editorial reviews” section. 

Q: Will my book review be positive?

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If we like your book, we’ll leave a positive review. If we think there are some issues with it, then we’ll say that. But we’ll never make you cry. There’s something to like in every publication.

Q: My question wasn’t answered. What do I do?

We couldn’t find any gifs for “send it in an email to IndieBookView@gmail.com.” Sorry about that.