Eliot Parker

About Eliot Parker

Eliot Parker is the author of seven books, including Fragile Brilliance (a finalist for the Southern Book Prize) and most recently, Snapshots: a collection of mixed-genre short stories which bring to life the rugged and raw landscapes of the Appalachian region. He recently received the Thriller Writing Award by the National Association of Book Editors (NABE) for his novels, and he is a proud recipient of the West Virginia Literary Merit Award. He now lives, teaches, and writes in Oxford, Mississippi. Learn more at www.eliotparker.com.

His Latest Books

Advanced Praise for Snapshots

“An invigorating read and an excellent example of skillful storytelling.”

— Liam Anthony, Independent Book Review

“Eliot Parker is gonna draw you in with these short stories, up close and straight into the viscera, gore, and horror of things both supernatural and realistic.”

— Matthew Ferrence, author of Appalachian North, A Memoir

“I always look forward to a new book by Eliot Parker and his latest, Snapshots did not disappoint…Twists, turns, unforeseen events and people you didn’t see coming leave the characters wanting the story to stop and the reader wanting it to continue. Give this one a read. You won’t be disappointed.”

— Amy Deal, West Virginia Herald-Dispatch

Potential Interview Topics

Eliot Parker is a natural and experienced speaker, comfortable reading and speaking on a variety of topics through his podcast Now, Appalachia and as a podcast guest (like in this interview). If you’d like to see him in video, check out this video for the Stay-at-Home Fest.

While he’d be happy to discuss other topics, here are a few sample interview topics Parker feels comfortable discussing on air:

  • Writing, reading, and living in Appalachia
  • The difficulties and joys of writing across multiple genres
  • The art of short fiction versus long-form fiction
  • Becoming a prolific author with a full-time job
  • The intricacies of living in multiple locations across the Appalachian region

And here are a few sample questions you might consider when interviewing Parker:

  • What is it about Appalachia that makes for a great fiction setting?
  • After publishing six other full-length novels, why make the jump to short fiction? What is it about the craft that feels special to you?
  • Snapshots is made up of a number of genres, from noir to romance and all the way to science fiction. If you could only choose one genre to write for the rest of your life, which would it be and why?
  • Not only have you lived in various places throughout the region, but you’ve also interviewed a number of authors from Appalachia on your podcast. Can you pinpoint your favorite quirks and differences from the different places throughout the region?
  • Who are your literary influences and/or your favorite books?
  • What is your personal journey toward becoming such a prolific author despite holding a full-time job as a professor at Ole Miss?
  • What are you currently reading–and how is it going?
  • Why choose the title Snapshots for this collection?

If you would like to review Snapshots, schedule an interview with the author, or publish a feature, please contact his publicist Joe Walters at joewalters526@gmail.com.