Become a Featured Author

Book publicity is important, but it’s not easy.

We created the IBR Featured Author promotion with your marketing endeavors in mind. Before a book is launched, authors create new social media profiles, book trailers, newsletters, and all sorts of other stuff to help build followers.

With a featured author promotion, you can send your fans to to see everything you’ve done. After they click on your face on the very first page, they’ll see links to your trailers, reviews, interviews, shelving locations, all of it. But it’s not just the links and photo. Featured authors receive the option to choose between three more features: a personalized interview, an excerpt of your finest work, or a blog post.

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Featured Author

Two Weeks on Front Page | Personalized Grid with up to 10 promotional links | Option for Author Interview, Excerpt Publication, or Guest Post | Contact now for first available date