This blog post by Independent Book Review describes five great gifts for writers
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5 Great Gifts for Writers

Finding a great present for the writer in your life can be difficult, so we created this list of the best practical gifts you can get your author today.

This blog post by Independent Book Review describes five great gifts for writers

by Jaylynn Korrell

Finding great gifts for writers can be difficult.

They own every book you can think of. Their taste is unique and probably very specific. They have a plethora of pens and pencils and spend all of their free time at a desk that’s already stocked with all that they need to write. So what else is there for them?

We’ve got a few ideas for you.

1) A DIY Writing Retreat.

Writers need alone time, but sometimes their office or the quiet section in the library just isn’t enough. A change of scenery can be the key ingredient to finishing that last chapter, or finding a storyline that wasn’t presenting itself  before.

But this kind of writer’s solitude isn’t just for the most notable or well-off. Anyone devoting their life to the craft deserves it, and you can make it happen without even breaking the bank!

A few great options for independent writer retreats can be as simple as a cabin in the woods. Places like KOA have campgrounds all around America that start as cheap as $40 a night. State and National parks can also be a great option. Their cabin and yurts are moderately priced between $30-60 and provide enough simplicity and quietude for a productive couple of days without distractions. And having it be around some beautiful scenery never hurt anybody either. Right?

2) A Writing Class or Workshop

When a writer has hit a road block and is having trouble moving forward in their work, they should turn to a community. Though friends and family provide helpful and thoughtful feedback every once in a while, fellow writers’ knowledge and experience is on a-whole-nother level of helpful. Big cities are sure to offer a class or two at any time during the year, but even if you’re not around a city with a lot of options, most local colleges offer uncredited classes that are open to everyone. And there are online options too!

3) Coffee, Coffee, Coffee Shops

They like it, they need it, they want to receive it. You can’t go wrong with a few coffee-related gifts. It could be a rare bag of beans, a new Keurig, or better yet, a gift card (or many!) to your local independent coffee shop. The options are endless and hitting each one just strengthens your chances of being your writer’s favorite person. They can’t keep writing if they’re asleep on the keyboard, ya know?

4) A Professional Eye

At all stages of an important piece of work, writers struggle to figure out their next step. They put all their time into perfecting their masterpiece, but sometimes, they have to take a step away from it. Understandable. That’s where you can come in. There are all sorts of people whose job is to read manuscripts and give feedback to writers in exactly this situation. Beta reading, developmental editing, and even some last minute copy-editing can help perfect your author’s masterpiece and make them forever thankful for your gift. Check out which services we offer at IBR!

5) Encouragement/ Help

“You can do it” and “good work!” are nice and all, but are you willing to take it to the next level? Spending the time to look up the classes around you, the workshops they are eligible for, the scholarships, the writers’ groups around town, the grants your city or state offer to artists, are all SO helpful to writers. Becoming involved and showing that you sincerely care about their success is the gift that keeps on giving. And while this can’t be wrapped (I mean, you can pretty much wrap anything so maybe you could wrap this too? I don’t know), some personalized encouragement/help may be just what your favorite author has been waiting for.

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  1. Definitely the DIY retreat!

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