This is the featured photograph for Independent Book Review's inexpensive developmental editing service.
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IBR Developmental Editing Service

Congratulations! You've finished another draft of your book. But is it as good as it can be?

Congratulations! You’ve finally written your book. It’s not perfect, but it’s written. Is it time to consider the IBR Developmental Editing Service?

When you’re away from it, showering, driving, walking, everywhere, it plays out in your mind like the Oscars’ best picture. Evocative images. Weighty emotions. Complicated characters. You name it, this thing has got it. When it’s ready, it’s going to shine between the book covers.

But when you read it, you know there’s more to be done. This character isn’t round enough. This motivation is hidden. Something’s wrong in the middle, but what is it?

When you send your story to beta readers, critique partners, family, and friends, you want them to devote hours of their time to reading your manuscript and sharing in-depth what can be improved in your story and how to do it. But if they’re not getting paid to do it, there’s no telling how much effort they can really expend on your project.

That’s where a developmental editing service comes in.

When we receive your manuscript, Independent Book Review will get to work immediately on any aspect of your story that you believe needs the most work. If you just want to send it over with no guidelines, do it. We’ll read it as if we were a literary agent, jotting down the best parts, the flaws, and everything in between to share with you. With this developmental editing service from Independent Book Review, you’ll receive a professional document from IBR editor-in-chief Joseph Walters, highlighting structure, plot, characterization, and other broad, essential storytelling concepts.

This is the featured photograph for Independent Book Review's inexpensive developmental editing service.

Developmental Edit – Book

For books under 100,000 words. A developmental edit is an in-depth critique and analysis of the writer’s story, addressing issues with narrative, structure, pace, characterization, and other broad storytelling concepts. In addition to the issues raised, the editor will provide recommendations for improvement and a consultation over phone or video to address any concerns the author still has. Guaranteed within 8 weeks.



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