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Why You Should Hire a Beta Reader

A beta reader provides feedback on your full manuscript before you submit to agents and publishers. Let Independent Book Review be yours.

After your book or story has received a complete developmental edit and you’ve made all the necessary changes, you are one step closer to submitting it for publication. But you’re not quite there yet. A beta reader is waiting for you.

You need to send your book to as many readers as you can find. Check out Reddit, Scribophile, Goodreads, and share your book with other writers. It’s essential. You need to see how this thing reads as a finished product. They’ll read your manuscript at those sites. Probably. But they might also be looking for you to read their book in exchange. That’s awesome. Help other writers. They’ll remember you in the future. But you’ve got only so much time.

Independent Book Review would be happy to be a beta reader for your full manuscript. We want to help get it out into the world.  When we’re done with it, we’ll send over a 500 word unpublished, unbiased book review from Joseph Walters. If he says something is wrong with your story and your other beta readers do too, then maybe you’ve got some decisions to make.

Since you might not know about us yet, we’ll even throw in a catchy quote for your book’s cover.

This is the featured photograph for Independent Book Review's beta reading service

Editorial Letter – Book

This editorial letter helps writers improve their books. After reading your book (110,000 words MAX), the editor-in-chief of Independent Book Review will send you specific editorial feedback in the form of a 500-750 word letter addressed to the author commenting on the narrative, pace, characters, and other major storytelling elements of your creative work. Guaranteed within 5 weeks.


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